MY first ever blog!- My story so far!

HIYA!!! I’m Buffy and this is my story and my continuous journey fighting mental health every second of every day!

So lets start at the beginning, early life wasn’t easy, dad walked out before I was even 1, left my mum me and my sister to struggle, mum soon married Rich and they had a baby (Josh) and thing just kept going down hill! As a child I used to comfort eat and I struggled with self image and as I got older things got harder At age just 12 I was sexually assaulted by a family friend. That really hit me hard, soon after I started hurting myself and soon after I was admitted to hospital due to my first suicide attempt, just 13 years old….. I was put on a section and admitted to my first psychiatric hospital! It was so scary, I was alone and scared, on my first ward I was bullied and this lead to more self harming behaviours until months later I mover wards, after 6 months I was discharged, put into care at that was the beginning of my long journey, 5years, 150 a&e trips, 60 missing reports, hundreds of restraints and stitches, 9 units later and I think I’m starting to get to grips with recovery!

At age 13 I was diagnosed with depression and PTSD and when I turned 16 they also diagnosed my with borderline personality disorder, I’m not going to write much more as this is just my introduction but stay tuned and I will soon be sharing more about what its like in a psychiatric ward, being in care and living with these illnesses!